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English for IT. Mobile App for Students
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About the Project
Make their presence on the Lesson marked correctly by Check-in via the app and confirmation by the teacher
Check their level
Motivate them to practice English every day in a fun & pleasant way
Make gifts to their friends
Project name: English for IT
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Client: Anna Gandrabura
Project Type: Wireframes, Prototype, Sketches, Style Guide, User Flows, Mobile App Redesign, High Fidelity Design, Research Documentation, Mobile App, Icons, Components Design

This is the app made for students of the Super-Special English school for Tech, named English for IT. The owner of the company asked me to help her in solving several tasks for her students' needs. They needed the solution which will help them to achieve such

Main Goals:
I've made a competitive analysis and held several sets of interviews with the Owner, the Developer, some teachers from the School, and of course the Students. According to this research, I've made the Personas of our users, their User Flows & a Customer Journey Map
Design process
Process & results
After the owner's approval, I've done Low-fidelity Prototypes, using which we made user-testing. We've decided to make some changes to improve the user's experience and I've started making High-fidelity Prototypes including UI-kit, icon set, and photo corrections. When it was done we've conducted several user-testing and made small changes according to the testing.
Process & results
So, as a result, we made an application, that
- helps Students check-in themselves on the lessons correctly and see the history of attended classes
- implemented The Phrase of the day, which helps users practice English every day
- created challenges and quizzes which let students earn bonuses (the Kittcoins)
- invented the Kittcoins (Motivations) — our favorite feature that motivates, gives good emotions to users, and can be redeemed to pay for lessons, courses, workshops, or souvenirs.

Users earn a Kittcoin each time they check-in at the lesson, or when they pay for the course in time, or when they pass challenges and quizzes for 100%
- our users may choose the gift to their friends, choose the greeting card, and the course /lesson /workshop /souvenir they want to give. Then write smth pleasant and use Way for Pay to make it happen
Hope you like my work and if you need a nice and thought through mobile app design for your project feel free to hire me :)
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