I am a UI/UX designer with more than 8 years of experience in web design. I make creative, unique, and responsive custom made designs from scratch, including research and interactive prototypes. I work primarily in web design and also redesign and improve the look, feel, and conversion of existing websites. I’m here to help you grow whether you’re a large enterprise or a startup.
I will help to launch your startup from scratch, improve it, and increase from MVP to a great product, attract investments, so your company escalates to the next level.

I worked with such companies as Scanco (warehouse automation solutions), Kingston, and some successful Scandinavian startups.

My design helped in the consolidation of 2 companies
in the warehouse industry. I have experience with such niches as photography, marketplaces, cars & insurance, education, healthcare,
real estate, e-commerce, warehouse, music.

I will help you to:
- Convert your idea of the website or application to a click-through high-fidelity responsive design prototype, which you can test, improve, and give to your developers;
- Improve the appearance and usability of your existing website, and, as a result, increase its conversion;
- Let your business grow, expand, and develop.
You will represent your company on the Internet as
a reliable and trustworthy. That will make your clients and business partners loyal to you!

I know how to make your business stand out among
the competitors, grow, and expand. If you are about
to launch a startup or are looking for the investors,
we will design the MVP for this project and make it interactive, so you can test it and show it to your future investors. Later, based on this version, you will increase its functionality with the help of developers.

When I was working with my US partners, I managed
to improve an existing warehouse app for JDB and made this product so successful that Scanco Software decided to buy it. After that, I’ve been redesigning Scanco apps also to improve their users’ experience and grow their business.

With my Norwegian customers, we created a huge marketplace for Norwegian photographers. We’ve tested the MVP and received fantastic responses from our final users, and it helped us to attract US investment. It was great teamwork which led to the successful creation
of the product from scratch.

I also worked at a German mobile accessories company as a graphic and web designer and worked remotely
for Scandinavian companies as a UI/UX designer.

I’ve been working on a great range of projects but mostly focused on responsive design for
- E-commerce websites for mobile accessories, fashion, pets, plants, home stuff, fashion, and many others corporate websites and applications for software companies, educational, social, markets, cars, trucks, charity, and founds, arts and crafts
- Landing pages for all kinds of products and fields above
- Mobile applications for warehouses and bar-code scanners, application in case of a car accident (including insurance and car repair information), the marketplace for Kuwait market, healthcare app with lots of functions to help person monitor one’s health and prevent dangerous health conditions, music apps with a custom player and ability to buy a ticket to the concert, English-study courses corporate app for the students
- Email templates, logos, business cards, brochures, corporate branding identity, stickers, postcards, Presentations, photo editing, UX writing, illustrations, infographics, etc.

Karina Shekhovtseva. UI/UX Designer.
I help startups & small business build user-friendly websites and design cool mobile apps
About me
Competitions, conferences & education
I attend design conferences and improve my skills by constant learning and taking different courses in the best Ukrainian design schools i.e.:
- Mobile Apps Design. Middle in Projector,
- Commercial illustration courses (Klaxons, Fantasy Room),
- Tilda Publishing — a platform for website creating (Tilda School),
- Lettering (Fantasy Room),
- Procreate Illustrations and many others.

Some times I take part in all-Ukrainian competitions i.e. Dev Challenge just for fun
Hobbies & Arts
I love drawing, making illustrations, needle-felting, doing yoga, meditation, Mehendi art, alfa-gravity, riding a bicycle, hiking, snorkeling, swimming in the sea, and of course meet new people :)
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